Wow! You Look Amazing! – Why I Love This Picture

I think for any bride, it’s a great reassurance and confidence boost to have your bridemaids there to support you on your wedding day.

Jan had decided to put on her dress with just her chief bridesmaid and this is the moment when all of her bridesmaids see her in her wedding dress for the first time.

I love all the different expressions on all of their faces, and it must have been a real buzz for the bride to receive such a great response.

I bet she felt fantastic in that moment.

bridesmaids see the wedding dress for the first time

As a documentary wedding photographer I want to capture amazing moments for my clients so that in the future they can remember how they were feeling when the photograph was taken.

The girls were an emotional bunch and I also captured lots of images of them throughout the day as they expressed their happiness and shed tears during the more emotional parts of the day.

It really makes me feel great to capture images like this that will take my bride or groom right back to that moment in years to come.

I think the expressions on the faces of the bridesmaids tells the bride just how fantastic she looks, and that is why I love this picture.

I hope you love this picture too.


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