Why You Should Get a Wedding Album

I’m a big fan of wedding albums. I love the look, the feel and the sheer luxury of the handmade cover and pages. With the advent of computers the demand for printed photographs and albums has dipped. What was once a staple of the wedding photography industry has become a less essential item on the wedding list. I don’t know a wedding photographer out there that doesn’t sell a digital only package. With the convenience of viewing images digitally an album or a set of prints is just not essential anymore. And let’s face it the big elephant in the room is that ALBUMS ARE EXPENSIVE.

So what can I say to convince you that you should part with your hard earned cash and get a wedding album as part of your wedding photography?




They Make a Great Family Heirloom

Your wedding is really the first part of your journey as a family. As a document of your wedding day an album is priceless. Imagine years from now sitting down with your kids and even grandkids showing them how mum and dad got married. The album itself will be such a valuable part of your history in years to come.

It’s an Amazing Way to Share and View Your Images With Your Family and Friends

Do you remember leafing through a set of photo prints? There is something more exciting and intangible about looking at a printed photograph rather than viewing it on a screen. An album is an even better way to relive the magical moments for your wedding day. Looking through a beautiful album with your loved ones totally beats huddling round a computer screen.



Why you should get a wedding album


There’s Nothing Like a Photo Print

Your album and prints will be created on a colour-calibrated system and the printed pages in the album will be professionally printed. There is just no comparison between a good print and a digital image on a screen. The dynamics, colour and ‘realness’ of a print are just not there on a screen. I seriously hear the words ‘wow’ quite a lot when I show clients a double page spread in their album for the first time!

Albums Are Professionally Designed and High Quality

Some people think they can do an album themselves. There are lots of online companies out there who offer designing software to create coffee table books. Take my word for it; it’s not the same thing. The quality of the prints is not very high. They might be ok to use for your holiday snaps but this is your wedding we are talking about! The design software professional photographers use is in a different league. Your wedding album will be truly a work of art with properly laid out pages showing the story of your day. Your wedding album is hand made using the highest quality photographic paper and material. They are made to last at least a hundred years, so will be in your family for a very long time.





They Make Wonderful Gifts For Your Friends and Family

Nothing says thank you more than the gift of a guest book for your Bridesmaids and ushers. Likewise a smaller album for your parents is a great way to say thank you for helping with the wedding or as a very special Christmas gift.


I hope I have convinced you why wedding albums should be an important part of your wedding photography. If you would like to view some of my hand made sample albums, get in touch and I would love to show you them over a nice cup of coffee.




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