That’s my mum & dad! – Why I love this picture

I am always on the look out for any reactions from the family and friends of the bride & groom, especially during the ceremony.

The two little flower girls in the picture are the daughters of the bride & groom and they were totally excited and full of joy right from bridal preparations.

I love the beautiful smile on the little girls face; she is so excited to watch her mum and dad as they say their wedding vows during the ceremony.

I love photographing kids at weddings; they bring a sense of innocence and excitement to the whole day. They are always so in the moment, it’s so funny to observe them in their own magical world.

Rachel & Nicky’s wedding at the Isla Gladstone was a really beautiful and funny one.

Lot’s of love and laughter throughout the day, the way a wedding should be.

As a documentary wedding photographer, I love taking images like this; they really do make me smile. The wedding day should be about you having fun without even thinking about your photographer.

I don’t stage or direct any moment, and when I observe beautiful scenes like this, I want to record them for the bride & groom, as they would not have witnessed it for themselves.

I hope you love this picture too.

litte girl smailing during wedding ceremony

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