Mum & Dad – Why I Love This Picture

I love this picture because you can see how much mum and dad love their daughter. It is written all over their faces.

This photograph was taken just after the bride and groom had said their vows and both the bride and groom were wiping away tears.

Sarah & Volker had lived in Liverpool for a year while Volker was studying. Our beloved city had made such an impression, and they had made so many friends, they decided to get married here!

It was a very informal wedding with no day long celebrations, just an intimate gathering of very close friends and family.

Brides mum & dad look on during the exchange of rings

I love shooting weddings in a documentary style as I get to capture people being themselves.

I capture my client’s friends and family just as they know and love them.

Because I am in the background and not orchestrating anything my images are of natural moments like this one with real memories attached to them.

In years to come my clients can look over the story of their wedding day and will have photographs of their loved ones being themselves in happy and sometimes sad moments.

Tragically the Father was diagnosed with cancer a month after the wedding and passed away only days after being diagnosed.

I am so glad I was able to give the bride beautiful images of her father just like this one. She will be able to look over the images just like this one in which she can see how much her father loved and cherished her.

I love being a wedding photographer because I love capturing real memories for my clients on one of the happiest days of their lives.

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