michelle & jay pre-wedding photography


I think for most people, hiring a wedding photographer is the first time they have been photographed professionally.

Having a camera pointed at them can cause a lot of people to go a bit stiff and feel a little uncomfortable.

Having a pre-wedding shoot as a warm up to the wedding can really help to build a clients confidence posing in front of a camera.

I get a lot of feedback from clients especially the grooms, that the pre-wedding shoot really helped them relax and enjoy the

photography on the wedding day.

Spending time with my clients before the wedding day in a more relaxed setting gives me some insight into what my clients are

comfortable with and this helps a lot come the wedding day.

We also get to know each other a little more, have a laugh so on the wedding day the client is so much more comfortable in front of the lens.

We chose the ideal location for Michelle as she loves the Liver and Cunard buildings. We also were lucky enough to get some beautiful

weather and amazing sunset.

Hope you enjoy the photographs guys!

Couple posing for cameraCouple in barCouple outside Liverpool Town HallCouple outside India buildingsClose up of couple outside India buildingsSilhouette of couple with sunset skyCouple silhouette looking out the MerseyCouple kissing outside Liverpool MuseumCouple with reflection in glassCouple kissing with reflection



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