Find The Perfect flowers for your day

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Flowers are a very important part of your wedding day. You might just opt for bouquets and buttonholes or want to turn the venue into a garden festival. Either way, the look and colour of your flowers will be a big part of your theme for the day. Since most of us could probably name 3 different flowers (unless you are a big Monty Don fan!) where do you start to look for flower inspiration?

I have done a little research to find some top tips to help you find the perfect flowers for your wedding day. I hope you find it useful!

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Finding the perfect flowers
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Find Your Inspiration

Before you sit down with a florist you need to know what you are looking for. Instagram and pinterest are fantastic to find your inspiration. Use hashtags like #weddingflowers #weddingflowersinspiration #weddingflowersbouquet on instagram and start a pinterest board of your favourite flowers. While you are on your travels keep your phone handy to take snaps of beautiful blooms you come across!

Stick to Your Budget

Like everything else on your wedding shopping list, you can easily go over budget if you are not careful so set a budget and stick to it. Here is a link to a great budget planner app from wedding wire. Talking to a florist will let you know which flowers are in season when you tie the knot. This really will help keep costs down. Having flowers shipped from abroad can get very expensive.

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Confirm Your Venue and Dress First

The type of venue, your dress and the theme of your wedding are going to have a big influence on what flowers you should choose. Wild flowers won’t work with a more detailed frilly dress for example. Usually the bigger the dress the bigger bouquet you can have and vice versa, the simpler and smaller your wedding dress the smaller your bouquet should be. Simpler dresses go well with intricate bouquets, more detailed dresses need simpler bouquets.

The look and feel of your venue will also influence the best type of flowers for your wedding. A big room in a castle will need large arrangements while a more intimate setting looks better with simple arrangements. Trawl through wedding photographer blogs of weddings shot at your venue for ideas. Just search “‘your venue’ wedding photographer” on Google. Most photographers include a shot of the details from the day.

Choose the Right Florist For You

Like your photographer, you are choosing a creative person for your blooms, so make sure you are on the same page. Look at reviews, check out their portfolio and meet up with them to see if you click and share the same vision. Show them your Pinterest boards, your venue and your dress. See how they react, do you like the ideas they come up with? The more you can see of their work, the more idea you will have of their particular style and whether it is a good fit for you.

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Keep Your Theme in Mind

Your wedding theme is going to have a big influence on your flower choice. A rustic countryside wedding is perfect for wild flower arrangements, while a grander stately home wedding goes well with bigger more intricate arrangements. It’s really important to discuss your theme with your florist who will be able to advise you on the best flowers to suit your style. Knowing your theme will help focus and narrow your search for the best blooms for your day.

Think About Your Colour Theme

This is super important as you don’t want a colour clash! Bring your colour swatches to your meeting with your florist to get the perfect match for your colour theme. You can paly with tones and shades of your colour theme rather than trying a perfect match. Complimentary colours work well too. Your florist is an expert on colour so get their help!!

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I hope I have given you some great ideas on how to find the perfect flowers for your wedding day. Give yourself plenty of time and make it fun! Social media is the perfect tool to get you started with some great ideas. Good luck finding your perfect blooms for your wedding day! If you enjoyed this article here are some articles you might find useful

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