I Love my Job

I am a Documentary Wedding Photographer, in my eyes one of the most rewarding jobs you can have. I get to meet loads of lovely people, spend a very special day with them and capture all the best bits - the laughs, the tears, and the hugs. All the stuff that means something.

I live in the Georgian Quarter of Liverpool just by the Anglican cathedral with my partner Firat, our beautiful baby girl Mavi Rosa, and our furry friend Frida the Welsh terrier. She likes to lick people a lot. And chase balls... and lick people some more!

Music, music, music. I absolutely live my life to music and I am a Hi-Fi nut and love my turntable and buying vinyl.

Shooting weddings is a full time thing for me, and I feel very lucky to be paid for something that I really love to do. 

It's  a real buzz to give my clients a set of photographs which tells the story of their special day. A lot of clients tell me it really felt like they had relived the day looking through the images!