A Liverpool Mother & Father of The Bride

Why I Love This Picture


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In my job as a Liverpool Wedding Photographer, I get to witness a lot of beautiful meaningful moments between the family and friends of the happy couple. You can have the fanciest digital SLR with the highest frame rate and blinking lights and you could still miss moments like this one.

Don’t get me wrong, modern camera technology is improving so rapidly it’s helping us, wedding photographers, to capture the wedding day like never before. We can shoot in lower and lower light, we can now photograph at so many frames per second, so we can now keep shooting through a great emotional scene and pick out the best photograph. We have memory cards so big we can shoot literally thousands of photographs throughout the wedding day. If you live outside Liverpool here are 5 Reasons To Get Married in Liverpool.

This is great news for the happy couples out there, as there are so many amazing wedding photographers in Liverpool right now it must be very hard to choose between them. The one thing that has happened with massively improved camera equipment is that the quality of wedding photography has literally shot through the roof. If you are getting married in Liverpool you have never had so many Top Wedding Venues in Liverpool to choose from!

Although the best equipment does not help a wedding photographer be patient, observant, anticipate and then quick enough to capture real moments as they happen. I love photography first and foremost for its ability to freeze a moment in time and preserve it.

There is something about that static image that allows us the viewer, to explore the emotions and drama we can see in the photograph. Its almost like the photograph amplifies the intensity of the moment and reveals the beauty and emotion of what can be very emotional experiences for the people being photographed.


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Mother and father of the bride share a joke


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I love being a Liverpool wedding photographer because I can create a collection of images that make up a story for my happy couples. This collection of images will have moments they were experiencing, but also stuff they were not around to see of important people in their lives. The real story of their wedding day in pictures. If you have just been engaged here are 5 Articles You Must Read.

I had such a great time with this family who were so friendly and caring during the bridal preparations. The mother and father of the bride had an amazing playful relationship and they were great at poking fun at each other but in a lovely gentle way. I was hovering about waiting for the bride to come out of her room after she had put her wedding dress on and mum had been helping the bride. Dad came out of his room after putting his wedding suit on and there was a lovely exchange between them. Want to have a chilled out wedding day? Here are 15 Top Tips For A Relaxed Wedding Day.

You can see the love in mum’s eyes for her life partner as she complimented dad on how smart he looked. I’m pretty sure the bride will treasure photographs like this one which captures her parents exactly how they are together. The photograph rather than being contrived is a window into the private world of its subjects which is priceless. I want my couples to live and breathe the photographs like they were there all over again.

When my clients come back to say to me that looking at some of the wedding photographs they can literally feel the emotion they were feeling at the time of the photograph it really fills me with joy, and it’s the greatest compliment and achievement for me as a wedding photographer. Making my clients very happy with my photographs is a great feeling indeed.

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