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Natural Unposed Liverpool Wedding Photographer

Hi, I'm David and I am a wedding photographer based in Liverpool working for fantastic couples in some of the most amazing venues around the North West.

You will receive a stunning set of photos that will tell your wedding story, all captured without interacting or posing you at all.

The photos will reflect the amazing things that happened throughout your day, including the little moments you missed.

Your favourite photos of your friends and family will be those when they were caught completely unaware revealing their true selves.

You will be able to look through images full of the tears, the fun stuff and the wow stuff.

All the priceless moments from your wedding which will only increase in value as time passes.

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Story Telling Photography

Wouldn’t your day be perfect if you could totally forget about the photographer?

So you can just enjoy your wedding day spending as much time with your loved ones as possible…?

Would you like...

…to receive a collection of photos that really tell a story?

…to be taken back to that moment every time you view the photos?

…to see the bits you missed on the day?

…to have truly meaningful photos of you both together without any fake poses?

…to receive a family heirloom that will be passed down to your kids and grandkids?

Your wedding photographs will have real meaning as they have real emotions connected to them.

Telling the story of your wedding day

Wedding Photography Portfolio 

 “Every time we look at the pictures we are taken back to that very moment and relive it all over again; you cannot ask for more than that”                                            - Gemma & Karl 

I want you to be able to look at your photographs years from now, and relive your special day with heart wrenching images that will take you right back to that moment. 

I love photographing people, and although I live in the wonderful city of Liverpool, I am available to photograph weddings anywhere in the world.

Please take a look at my wedding photography portfolio by clicking the image on the left.

Here you will find some of my favourite photos I have taken over the past couple of years. 

Or if you would like to see what to expect from your wedding, head over to my featured weddings page. 

Love What You See?

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