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Relaxed Natural Liverpool Wedding Photography

Magic Happens...

What is your perfect wedding day?  Does it go something like this?

…You get to see the amazing stuff you missed on the day

 …You are taken back to that moment every time you view the photos

 ...You enjoy your day with your loved ones without ever being interrupted

 …You receive a collection of photographs that really tell the story of your day

 …We capture truly meaningful images of the two of you without any awkward posing.

 …You receive a family heirloom that will be passed down to your kids and grandkids

Magic happens during a wedding, and I have the skill to capture every amazing moment.

wedding photographer liverpool
wedding photographer liverpool

I Wear my Heart on my Lens

Hello. I’m David and I am a Liverpool wedding photographer  shooting weddings all over the UK.

After 10 years I am still passionate about photographing weddings honestly, with no direction at all. My heart is my guide and I have real knack for being in the right place at the right time. I capture all of your amazing moments throughout your wedding day without posing or stopping you.

I shoot this way because I don’t like being photographed myself! The last thing I would want on my wedding is to be asked to smile into a camera. Staged photographs are meaningless and can cause jaw ache! 

On the other hand, a natural photograph of you and your partner sharing a loving glance or a gentle touch will have real meaning for you many years from now.

Shooting weddings gives me the opportunity to join you on your adventure! For one day all the people you love most in the world are celebrating with you. I love to capture all of the little touches, glances, the tears and laughter. You will receive photographs of your family and friends as you know and love them – being themselves.

To see more of my work go to my portfolio page, my featured weddings or my blog.

We couldn't be happier with our wedding photos. David caught every moment and has a talent for really capturing people's emotions. He put everyone at ease and was very charming. We all felt so comfortable, that it felt like he was one of the guests! After a lot of research we chose David, based on his documentary, 'non-staged' approach. We could not have anticipated how amazing the final photos turned out to be. They were all that we hoped for and much more. He went above and beyond to make sure that we were happy and the photos he took were beautiful and timeless.

                                                             - Costa & Kevin

It's always a massive buzz to receive feedback from my very happy couples. Take a look at my testimonials page to see more kind words.

Turn up the Volume, and Enjoy the Short Photofilm Below

What did you Think? That Photofilm Sums up my Approach to Wedding Photography.

I don’t do massive shot lists and loads of boring line ups and set up shots. I don’t want to control your day or boss you about. I am all about being discrete and unobtrusive. I want to capture all the big, happy tears and the belly laughs and all the little things in-between. I will give you a set of images that will take you back to your wedding every time you view the photographs.

Love my approach to weddings? Get in touch and we can talk about your day.

Documentary Wedding Photographer

The photo above is one of my favourite photographs I have taken. You can really see the happiness the Gran feels as her grandaughter gives her a kiss. Out of all of the photographs I took of this wedding, the bride loved this one the most. I love wedding photography so much because I love people. To capture shots like this, which re-affirms how wonderful human beings are, will always feel special to me.

I am a Liverpool wedding photographer approaching your wedding with a documentary approach. The specific name for my style of photography is called Documentary wedding photography. You can also call it Reportage or Wedding Photojournalism. They all mean the same thing - Telling the story of your wedding with natural photographs of real moments.

Imagine if your photographer started giving directions during the wedding ceremony as you exchange your vows, and tried to set up the exchange of rings? What if the photographer got involved during the speeches, asking the best man to tell the joke again because he missed the bride laughing?  Crazy right? 

So why should your photographer direct and control any other part of the wedding day?

All of the different parts of the wedding day - bridal preparations, the wedding ceremony, the drinks reception at the wedding venue, speeches and first dance; I will approach  with the same dedication to capture all of the real, beautiful things that happen with no direction or interruption. To find out more about me, check out my About page. 

I have loads more information on my F.A.Q page.

Real Moments Captured Naturally

 “Every time we look at the pictures we are taken back to that very moment and relive it all over again; you cannot ask for more than that”                                            - Gemma & Karl 

I want you to be able to look at your photographs years from now, and relive your special day with heart wrenching images that will take you right back to that moment. 

No posing, no hassle, just real memories from start to finish. 

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