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wedding photographer in liverpool

People call me a documentary wedding photographer because my style is candid and natural and because the pictures I take evoke special memories for years to come.
When it’s your big day, you have enough to think about without worrying about what your wedding photographer is doing. Once I know what you want, you can relax and leave the rest to me. I can put everyone at their ease for the formal pictures and then blend into the background to capture your friends, family and guests without intruding. The result is a stunning portfolio that truly represents the whole of your wedding day.

portrait photographer in liverpool

A portrait is much more than a simple snapshot. It is the art of capturing an individual’s character in a beautiful and honest way.
I believe that the secret to a stunning portrait happens long before the first shutter is pressed. It starts with me getting to know you and your loved ones. My many satisfied clients all say the same thing – I have the ability to put everybody at ease. I will rapidly allay your fears and turn the session into an enjoyable and exciting experience. It’s all about helping you to feel relaxed and comfortable enough to let the real you shine through.

Liverpool Event Photography

Organising a successful event takes skill, dedication and an eye for detail. Whether it’s a party, product launch, or PR event, it wouldn’t be the same without an event photographer to document it. Of course, choosing the right photographer is crucial. You can’t re-run the event if the pictures are disappointing.
We’ll sit down with you and take the time to understand the nature of your event, it’s outcomes and your brief. Once we understand you, we can also add value by suggesting photographic ideas that you may not have even thought of.

a passionate documentary wedding photographer

I specialise in telling the real story of your wedding day in amazing, documentary style pictures.  After all, your wedding is much more than a few posed photographs of the wedding party isn’t it?  It is all about the emotion and celebration that can be captured in a best friends  smile, a mother’s tears of joy, or a father’s expression of pride.

Rather than stage-manage your entire day in order to create a collection of static, stylized wedding photographs, I prefer to work in the background, capturing each moment as it unfolds.  Documentary  wedding photography produces better pictures, and it also makes your day less stressful!   You will quickly forget I am there and be able to enjoy your wedding without having to worry about your photographer.  I guarantee that you will never, ever, have to say “cheese”!

As your wedding photographer, my subtle, non-directive documentary style means that you, your partner and your guests can enjoy your day uninterrupted for the most part.  After all, it is your wedding, and I am there to document rather than orchestrate it.

I blend unobtrusive, documentary wedding photography with dramatic portraiture. The result is a collection of stunning images that capture the emotion and atmosphere of your special day forever. Go to my wedding Galleries to see how I capture the real story of your wedding.

my commitment to your wedding day

I have been a full time professional photographer for many years and have provided stunning photography and excellent customer service for many happy clients. Nothing is too much trouble when it comes to my clients and I endeavour to provide you with a  wedding photography service that is second to none.

You will receive the exact same level of service and commitment whichever package you choose.

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most amazing days of your life. If you want something stunning to remember it by please get in touch.

do you take formal photographs?

Although 95% of the day is shot naturally, it is still important to take some formal photographs of you and your family. This is the only part of the day when I will direct you.

We will begin with the group shot and then formal wedding photographs of you, your family and the bridal party. Then we can get some fabulous images of you during your personal portrait shoot. This takes very little time because we don’t want to spend hours taking you away from your guests.

It is extremely popular with couples who appreciate how important it is to get some fantastic images of themselves together on the big day. For some examples checkout my wedding galleries.

pre-wedding photography

I also offer an informal photo shoot for just the two of you a few months before the wedding itself.

Your pre-wedding shoot allows me to get a sense of how comfortable you are in front of the camera, and how you like to be photographed as a couple.

As well as capturing natural pictures of the two of you together, the pre-wedding shoot is the perfect way for us to get to know each other better.

If you aren’t used to being photographed professionally, the pre-wedding shoot will give you the re-assurance that you can look fabulous in a photograph. We’ll get together over coffee, chat about what’s been happening with your wedding planning, and find out if you want to make any changes to our arrangements.

It’s your personal photo shoot, and it’s all about having FUN and making you look fantastic.  I’ll post the images on my Facebook page for you to share with family and friends.  It’s an excellent way to publicise your forthcoming wedding. Go to my pre-wedding Galleries page to see examples of my work.

 wedding venues.

As a Liverpool wedding photographer, I typically work with couples in a 100 mile radius of the city.  I have photographed weddings at many of the most beautiful and sought after venues in the North West. As a result, I am familiar with most of the top venues, including Langdale Chase, Rookery Hall, Thornton Hall, West Tower, Crewe Hall and Soughton Hall.

I am a recommended Liverpool wedding photographer at the Radisson Blu and the Isla Gladstone.  Whichever venue you choose, you can be confident that, I will make the most of its features to create beautiful wedding images. From bandstands to balconies and staircases to stained glass windows, I have an eye for what will make a great picture.